It has been way too long since I wrote my last post, and I’m so sorry. I took a long winter’s nap, because I do what I want when I want. I promise I won’t do this every winter, but sometimes you just need to hibernate. Anyways, I’m so excited to start things up again because I have too many ideas that need life. There are a lot of exciting, yummy, crafty things in store!

During my hibernation, I did get a lot of beauty sleep, but I got a lot done too. And without a doubt, the most important thing I did was start my SPRING GARDEN. It’s my favorite thing of the year. I love my spring garden like Basil love cookies. Maybe not that much, I dunno.

Check out the first couple stages of my process:


Normally, I plant the seeds inside, let them grow a bit, then transplant them to my garden. And I know I said that I was going to walk you through each step this year, but something came up that’s making things a little complicated.

Huh? What? Well ...we’re moving! We’ve been looking for over a year and we finally found a house in the cutest little neighborhood in Richmond called Byrd Park (fitting, right?) I can’t wait to move, and more importantly, nest. I’m like a birddddd I’ll only fly awayyyy... and I feel like I’ve been flying around in circles for four years waiting for the perfect place to make a home with Basil. When I first stood in front of this house, I had chills through my body….it felt fresh. New surroundings have a way of inspiring creativity, so I’m really looking forward to this next season.

...OK Amber, back on track. Garden, remember? Oh yeah. So, normally, I’d grow the seeds inside and then transplant them outside. And normally, that would’ve happened a couple weeks ago. But since we don’t have anywhere to put a garden yet… a month later, here are some of my poor seeds:

These sad zucchini sprouts are long, lanky, and yearning for an earth blanket to wrap themselves up in. I’M SO SORRY LITTLE DUDES. I’ve neglected every seed planted, because I don’t know if they’ll have a place to go. They’re like little baby plant orphans. For now, I’ll nurture them inside. But their story is to-be-continued... and I’ll let you know how it ends up.

These last few months have blurred together with the past few years we've had... unsure about the future, patiently and impatiently waiting, feeling unsettled. But this spring, it feels like we’re coming to a very exciting place.

More to come, very soon.