Merry Christmas from Basil and I :)

Music is a huge part of our life. We fell in love writing music together, so it’s always been a source of inspiration in our marriage. We’ve written some bad songs and we’ve written some beautiful ones, but no matter what the outcome, we’ve never regretted spending time on it. It’s always worthwhile to spend time on something creative. It’s good for your soul.

This song means a lot to us. Home is mentioned in so many songs around this time of year, yet it’s a source of sadness for so many people. Some have lost loved ones and think about them during the holidays, some have painful memories that surface, some are extra lonely. We picked this song because it’s sweet, slow, and you can paint a unique picture of your home in your mind.

Everyone doesn’t have the choice to be with family, but you don’t have to. Home can be close friends, or pets, or maybe it is family ...home is whatever you say it is. Some people have snow and mistletoe, some have sun and palm trees. Home is where you want it to be. It’s wherever love is.

So, our wish is that you will find your “home” for Christmas.
May it be filled with laughter, love, and peace.

Amber and Basil

Thanks to Matthew Walsh for Production and Engineering

You can either scroll to the bottom and see a little video we threw together to give you a peek into our 'home', or just listen to the audio and download the song for free:

Audio (click the download icon at the top right of the image to download):