Paper Christmas Tree

Let me tell you some things about my husband. Basil is the most sentimental man I have ever known, and that’s one of the reasons I married him. He loves his rituals and his traditions and he will never change. So, of course, Christmas is a big deal around our house. Basil counts down the days until the Holidays …usually starting in the summer. We’ll be on a beach vacation and he’ll randomly get excited about how crazy it is that Christmas is in six months. A month ago he was in the spirit so he bought a carton of eggnog when we were at the store and drank half of it in the car on the way home. The other day we were in HomeGoods and he spent 20 minutes in the candle aisle smelling the Christmas scents. But it’s not like he’s doing it to be cute, and that’s the best part. It’s just who he is and he treats it all matter-of-fact like of course I’m going to go smell all these candles, it’s part of the reason we came here… of course I’m getting eggnog, it’s on the list.

I support and love all of this, but, one thing we do not see eye-to-eye on is Holiday decorating. He likes multi-colored lights, I like white and simple. He likes a hodge-podge of random ornaments on the tree, I like neutral, classy ones. He wants to walk into our house like it’s the Christmas section at Macy’s, I want to feel like I’m passing an Anthropologie Christmas window. I want Sufjan Stevens Christmas album playing, he just wants Frosty.

Our challenge has always been finding a way to meet in the middle and decorate our home in a way that makes us both feel excited leading into the Holidays. The answer seems silly, but hear me out: make your own decorations at home. This is why it works:

  • I get to control the way things look. I pick colors and patterns and textures that I like.
  • Basil gets to feel excited about it because it’s a tradition that we do together, and you always feel more sentimental about things you make and can attach a memory to. Win win. 
  • And on a more practical note, budgeting around the Holidays is serious business. There are enough gifts to buy, so every penny saved is nice. You will save money if you make some of your decorations at home.

These Paper Christmas Trees are my favorites. So cute. They take some time to make depending on how many you want, but it’s a super easy craft. We make a night out of it with some music or a movie in the background. (They’re really pretty if you mix in some of these Felt Christmas Trees like the ones in the picture below. Here's how to make those.)

Christmas Tree Craft Decorating


Assorted sheets of cardstock paper (pick colors/patterns you like) (each sheet makes 1 to 1½ trees)   $0.59 each
Scissors   $2-$6
Lollipop sticks   $2.99 for a bundle
Hot-glue gun and glue sticks   $3-$9
Different-sized cups and bowls from your kitchen to stencil circles   free
Pencil   $1
Patience :)

Paper Trees Tools Needed.jpg


Between $10-$30, depending on how many you make


1. Heat up glue gun.

2. Stencil circles on your paper. I tried to fit one large circle, two medium circles, two small circles, and 1 very small circle on each paper.

Stencil Circles.jpg

3. Cut out the circles you stenciled. (Save the extras for the next bunch of trees.)

4. Fold each circle in half. Then open it and fold it in half again perpendicular to the first fold. Continue to fold in half starting each new crease between the existing folds (as pictured) and repeat six more times on each circle until you have a total of eight folds.

5. Shape the circles into a fan (they should look like stars) by pinching every other fold together.

6. Cut a small hole in the tip of each shape just large enough to be able to slide the lollipop stick through (except for the smallest ones that you’ll use as toppers).

7. Cut and fold each of your other papers so that you have one large, two medium, two small, and one small (without hole) shapes to attach to each lollipop stick.

8. With your hot-glue gun, dab a drop of glue a third of the way down on a lollipop stick.

9. Starting with the largest shape, slide the shape down the stick until the shape meets the drop of glue. Hold for ten seconds.

10. Then, dab another drop of glue a bit higher than the last one and slide the next, smaller shape down to it and hold for ten seconds.

11. Continue this process until you’ve attached the first five shapes to the lollipop stick.

12. Dab a drop of glue to the top of the stick and pop on the cute topper.

13. Craft as many as you want :)

Enjoy! Share and send me pictures if you try it on your own :)