Hello! I'm Amber. I have two dogs, Thumbelina and Hachi. I am their human. I have a husband, Basil. I am his caretaker, confidant, and Netflix binging buddy. You'll probably get to know him because he'll be a second set of hands, a creative sounding board, a photo-taker ...he'll be my partner for this project. We enjoy anything active and outdoors, except I love to camp but Basil only glamps. He’s a bit of a princess. But a handsome, manly one. (He made me add the manly part. I added the handsome part.) We write music together but it isn’t easy if we’re in a fight or if we're just in the mood to eat food and walk around Homegoods. 

I was raised in a log cabin in the country. I learned almost everything I know from my family and those roots. Most of our friends were Mennonites and those good, honest people taught me what it means to live with love. My sisters are my best friends and our brother has our initials tattooed on his chest. And a scene from The Neverending Story. And a tribute to Duck Hunt. And Optimus Prime.

Our family appreciated what we had and we used our imaginations. We made chocolate pie out of mud while mom gardened and we paraded through the house clanging pots and pans following dad and his trombone.

I always wanted to grow up to be a maid (and I still kind of do) but instead I got a degree in Cello Performance. I used it to work as a studio musician and create a small business teaching private music lessons. I teach violin, piano, and cello to students ranging from 4 to 70 years old. Teaching is my passion because it’s all about sharing. Sharing talents, sharing memories, sharing failures, sharing excitement.

You’ll find me fishing in any body of water, cleaning things that are dirty, climbing up any mountain, cooking in any kitchen, rescuing any lost insects or frogs, and snowboarding down anything with snow on it.

Okay bye.



I know that every person I encounter is struggling with something. We like to wear masks and act like we’re fine, but sometimes that’s all it is. Acting. It’s easy to forget that we’re all in this together. And all we really have is each other. There is a way for us to experience things the way they were intended to be experienced: purely, confidently, wholeheartedly, together. So, we need to celebrate the little things that connect us. A simple recipe. A happy song. A mindless craft. Mud pie. 



I've always loved birds. I'm constantly nesting, building things, gathering, and digging in the dirt. I love feeling connected to nature in this way.

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?   |   Matthew 6:26

This is my song, and through this site, I hope to share the same promise of faith.



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